I took a Saturday drive down the Central Corridor route and ended up at the St. Paul riverfront.

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I look forward to this being announced every year. Posted on The Atlantic, check out some of the best images of the past year. My favorites are the cooling tower and this shot of a river delta in Iceland. I almost got to Iceland once, almost… Click HERE for the full list. 


Aerial image of river delta in Iceland. (© Emmanuel Coupe, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards)

Now that winter seems to be finally winding down, here's my favorite photo from this year's season. I took this on the Madison Arm snowmobile trail loop just north of West Yellowstone, Montana. Heavy snow was blowing in, but it was warm enough to ride without gloves! (and holy over saturation on the color - my apologies)

I really want to build a modern house in the woods. Now I just need some money, and woods.