Monthly Archives: May 2013

City Beautiful was a movement to beautify America’s cities, starting in the late 1800s. It was on my mind as I crawled around the Minneapolis riverfront on a cool, sunny afternoon. With all the development happening in central Minneapolis, I’d say the movement is alive and well.

These pictures are from the St. Anthony Main area on the Mississippi. The trail down to the river is the best urban hike in the city. It’s called the Lower Trail and is accessible off of St. Anthony Main just to the east of St. Anthony Falls Labs.


The IDS Center is my favorite building in Minneapolis, and my favorite skyscraper overall. Its International style still seems cutting edge today, 41 years after it opened in 1972. I found this gem on the Old Minneapolis Facebook page (from Mike Evangelist), and had to share it. I’m probably going to have to frame this in full size. Speaking of, full-size images (they’re huge!) are available HERE and HERE.

IDS Center Brochure 1_lowres IDS Center Brochure 2_lowres