Monthly Archives: August 2013

As mentioned in an earlier post, there’s a lot of talk these days about Minneapolis possibly getting its first 1000-foot-plus skyscraper. I’m very excited about the possibility, and have started wondering what type of building(s) I’d like to see added to our skyline.

Through some searching around on, I found plans for an amazing, huge redevelopment of Manhattan’s far western side called Hudson Yards. While a few developers are involved, Related is the company behind the two main phases you can see below. By a long shot, this is my favorite project currently proposed or under construction in New York.

When it’s fully built out, Hudson Yards may have more than 25 million square feet of Class A commercial space, as well as 20,000 housing units and two million square feet of hotel space – as well as 20 acres of public space.

Aside from being an amazing development, especially when fully built out in about 10 years, these are some of the nicest renderings I’ve ever seen. Click on the images for the full effect.